My review : Pure Garcinia Cambogia diet , in a nut shell.

Summer is approaching fast and with it the sudden realization that we have gained and sometimes even just forgot the extra fat we carry under our thick woolly winter clothing.

It’s times like these that people tend to turn to fast solutions looking for that quick fix that will help them shed weight as quickly and as effortlessly as possible .



One must understand that there are no substitutions to a healthy diet and exercise .

But at times we could assist the process by consuming natural ingredients which fasten the fat metabolism and increase our potential for losing weight faster.

One very popular additive is the Garcinia cambogia extract

 Under controlled study had showed remarkable results .

Two groups where weighed (each person individually) prior to the test and later received the extract in pill formation for a period of several weeks .

One group was given the real pill containing the extract while the other received a similar looking pill but which was basically nothing but a placebo.

The results where amazing as the first group who had received the actual extract had lost as much as three time more weight then the group which received the placebo pills

 So how does it Work ?!                                    

The “secret ingredient” inside this tropical fruit is called hydroxycitric acid or (HCA) for short .

This power molecule has several positive effects on our body’s metabolic process but most prominently it pushes carbohydrates from turning into fat

Instead turning into glycogen which is a large molecule stored in the liver and which later is readily available to turn into usable energy (basic surges), but this is not the end !

The increasing levels of glycogen act by a complex feedback mechanism which tell our brain – ” i’m full”  resulting in decreased food intake which will lead into wight loss !

Now ,this sensational fruit has more goodies that come along with it but instead of rambling on , I clear the stage for this adorable video .

Good health





”  Overall I feel great, amazing how being overweight impacts your whole life. Having lost weight from this, I feel a greater general well being, more willing to do activities and tasks and easier to get out of bed in the mornings” .

Jean :

” Lost weight, feel great and overall super well. Thank you great product! “

Ali :

“Kick started my metabolism and weightloss. Thrilled with my purchase “.


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