Benefits of Moringa Oleifera – The magical green pill

There are many plants , trees , shrubs and other forms of flora which hold magical treats .

By magical treats I mean that their actual components (minerals, vitamins , enzymes and other molecular particles ) are extremely beneficial to help maintain a proper body function and more over enhance and improve our natural body systems (Ex – our Immune system , Cardiovascular, Renal – Kidney  , Nervous system and the list goes on).Moringa Oleifera powder

These are known only in regards to plants we have already discovered obviously , and yet there still much to be learned.  At times some of these remarkable new discoveries are so overwhelming , it might make you feel you came across a true magical essence .

One of these discoveries is  the Moringa Oleifera tree .

So what is Moringa ?

Moringa is a general name for a family of trees mostly found in Northern Africa and Asia also known as the Moringaceae Family . Some know it as the Drumstick tree and Benzoil tree .

The native population, where it has been growing for thousands of years, use it for many things :

food ( the leaves) , water purification systems (bark) . oil (seeds) and more . Natives have also been using the leaves as a potent substance to heal and maintain various disease such as inflammatory disease , metabolic disease such as diabetes and some gastrointestinal disease as well .

All this has led western food gurus to adopt the Moringa green pill (or powder) and recommend its use  to communities  determined on a healthy lifestyle .

But what does this whole green hulk of a powder contains and does it really work ?!


Moringa Oleifera leaf review

  1. Essentials

    Ridiculous high amount of minerals and vitamins per 100g when compared to your over the counter industrially made multi vitamins .

  2. Antioxidants

     This little fantastic molecules that bind and disarm free radicals which circulate in our body and cause cellular distraction and which may also lead to the formation of various cancers. Antioxidants such as Polyphenols, Ascorbic acid  (Vit C) and others .

  3. Decrease blood sugar levels

    High blood sugar is the cause of many common western world diseases  such as Diabetes , Renal disease due to high blood pressure , Cardiovascular disease. the use of Moringa incorporated with a healthy – sugar low- diet would assist in faster reduction of blood sugar levels .

  4. Reduction of inflammation and inflammatory responses  – 

    inflammatory responses and inflammation are part of our body’s natural  mechanisms in response to what can regard as pathological occurrences  . Chronic pain of joints , muscles as well as inflammatory disease of body organs such as skin , liver , kidney , intestinal tract and more.

  5. Cholesterol lowering ability  – 

    one of the agents which is responsible for lowering your inflammatory response is the same one which is able to reduce what is regards as “bad cholesterol” – Beta-Sitosterol. Beta-Sitosterol has a molecular structure similar to cholesterol and so competes with the latter when it’s time to get absorbed in the intestines and hence reducing the total amount of cholesterol absorbed .

The list goes on and on and still have yet to discover the Moringa’s full potential.

== > So there you have it , Moringa Oleifera – some new age magic from an ancient world

Good Health 🙂


Testimonials :

  • by Jill D
    • Great product, my brother told me about moringa, he has it growing in his garden. I decided to try the powder form. I have been feeling lethargic and not sleeping well for years, like a truck ran over me every morning. It’s been a week and I’m happy to say I’m sleeping well and feeling great, can’t wait to see what happens in a couple more weeks, so far it’s great!

  • Colleen Schiehl
    • Going on 3rd week now
      My energy level is level is improving.
      Which is saying something good as I have Chronic Fatigue.
      I was able to clean to my clean my apt. Really good in 2 hours all 6 rooms. And having Fibromyalgia on top of Fatigue. I didn’t feel as achy as expected.
      My mental clarity also is seems to be improving as well.
      I don’t feel foggy.
      Now I don’t take any medications
      For the Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia. And I have Neuropathy.
      But this is FIRST Time I am excited
      About natural product

  • Mary M. Nicholson
    • This is a great product for inflammation, I have bursitis in my elbow and was taking meds to ease the pain, I drank this on a Monday morning with OJ and on Tuesday my elbow was better by 90 % and I was full of energy: I have been drinking Green Magma for years and this is an added bonus, I have not had a cold in 26 years and have never had the flu, I believe the green super food is responsible for that: You can’t go wrong drinking this
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